Our Biggest News EVER

I've seriously never felt this blessed to see so much growth for my business.

I always new I was meant to do something bigger than my desk job, but I never knew what that was. I waited and wait, and god showed me what I was meant to do. I manifested the ability to serve THOUSANDS and provide life changing, confidence boosting, GLOWING results to thousands.

I'm in big reflection mode this month as we plan for the rest of the year (the year I have been calling my rebirth) and I can't believe how much my business has grown. In a snapshot:


  • We launched on Gopuff: This is an AMAZING way to get your Skinfood in literally under 30 minutes. Click the link to find out if GoPuff is in your area. Let's get them SOLD OUT of Donata Skinfood products.
  • We are so close to launching a new CBD line: I have been testing out products for month's Tribe. I want to make sure this line is perfect for you whether you are new to the healing powers of CBD or just starting out
  • We are released 2 NEW Skinfood soaps: Earth and Heiwa -- and yes, Moon Rock will be back soon, just a little different ;-)
  • We are 3 days away from announcing one of the BIGGEST sales in Donata Skinfood history. My team told me to keep this one a secret but I'm too excited and can't wait to share with you guys soon. Seriously, when I tell you it's the biggest sale ever I mean it!! It is larger than our Black Friday sale last year.


This sale is my thank you to my Tribe for growing up with me, and I can't think of a more perfect time to launch this than the summer. Since we have been stick in the house since last summer -- it's officially time to GET THAT GLOW ON.

I manifested the ability to serve THOUSANDS and provide life changing, confidence boosting, GLOWING results to thousands with my Hair and Skinfood products.

How to prepare for the BIG announcement on Friday, June 25th at 12PM EST:


  • Sign up for my email and text message lists - they hear about all new releases and speciality drops first!
  • Get ready right at 12. I can't say much more but it's going to go FAST FAST FAST Tribe. I warned you!!
  • Find what your ideal Hair and Skinfood regimen is by taking our short 5 minute quiz that will give you the exact Hair and Skinfood products for your needs. Be ready to go as soon as it hits 12pm.

What is happening on Friday, June 25th at 12PM EST:

The biggest sale in Donata Skinfood history. It's the time to step out for the summer with a GLOW.

How can I get more information?

DM us on Instagram and ask!! The more inquiries we get, we may release the announcement sooner.




About the Author

A. Carling is a passionate Health and Wellness Advocate as well as a Certified Fitness Professional.


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2169 reviews
Gua Sha
Megan Glines (Kent, US)
Donata did it again!!!

The large black one fits all of the parts of my face and I can feel the stress leaving my face every time I use it!!! This has become my new fav part of my skin care routine!!!

Spinach Soap
Marisela Soto
I love it .

Best product fir kids with Eczema ❤️❤️

Scar Butter
Dorscht C (San Lorenzo, US)
Scar Butter

This Scar Butter is a life saver for my face/Skin. With in 30 days my acne scars have truly improved. This is my first time having acne. I’m 33 years old. I tried so many other high end products and they didn’t work, some made my skin break out. I’m very happy with my scar butter so far.

Scar Butter
Luisa Paladino (Miami, US)
My skin loves it!

I love how the butter melts on my skin, moisturizing it beyond 24 hrs without leaving it greasy. On my face, it has helped reduce my pores, on my body it’s healed dry patches, along with lightening scar marks. I use this in combination with the pine tar soap to help lighten dark spots.

Luxury Soap Trio Set
Yvette Moore (El Cajon, US)
New find

Received my soap set …… just started using it so I really can’t comment on the efficacy as of yet. I’m hopeful my next review will be one with amazing results. The communication before my purchase was great from Donata !!! So glad I found her