Affirmations to start your morning

Affirmations to start your morning

How do you greet yourself as you wake up to start your day? Morning routines/ practices vary across the world. One of many, that’s a part of my morning routine are affirmations.

Affirmations are usually statements made with the purpose of ushering in positive change in one’s life. You may have heard of “speaking things into existence”, “claim it”, or “positive self-talk”; whatever it may be, these phrases (among others) are interrelated with affirming.


    The “power of words” means something different to everyone. Just think of how many emotions or reactions in general are generated by “words”. I’m sure that there are some of us who can relate to feeling immense joy from a compliment, a simple greeting or even a few words of motivation. On the other side there is the discomfort, sadness and anger brought on by scathing remarks. It’s quite obvious to see the or even “feel” the power that words have.


    Affirmations can be used to induce calm and focus, and they can be used at ANY time of the day. Many use the morning to get them in before the rigor of day sets in. They may be used to fortify a sense of being, and to set goals. There is no limit to the context of your affirmations. You can have few of them that suit your current state of being, or they may change as you continue to grow and expand. If it seems daunting at first, many just start with one affirmation, some people actually just use one every day, as needed. Some common examples are:


I am ok.

I am love.

I am healthy.

I am successful.

I can…

I call all energies rooted in kindness and love to myself.⁠

I already have everything I need inside of me.⁠

My mind is my temple, not a stomping ground⁠ for others.⁠

I let go of all energies, not in alignment w/ my highest self.⁠

As mentioned above, we have at some point experienced the power of words, be it speaking to others, or hearing them from other people. How do you think you will react to the gravity of the words coming from you, to YOU? How much of an influence do you have on yourself? How much trust and confidence do you have in YOU? It is one thing to state your affirmations, but it requires action on your part, affirmations can even motivate us to take action. Don’t allow your affirmations to become a meaningless habit. Make adjustments in life to allow them to ripen, and at that point, continue to nurture them.




About the Author

A. Carling is a passionate Health and Wellness Advocate as well as a Certified Fitness Professional.


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