Facial Serum (Ageless Glow & Day Glow)
Facial Serum (Ageless Glow & Day Glow)
Facial Serum (Ageless Glow & Day Glow)
Facial Serum (Ageless Glow & Day Glow)
Facial Serum (Ageless Glow & Day Glow)
Facial Serum (Ageless Glow & Day Glow)
Facial Serum (Ageless Glow & Day Glow)
Facial Serum (Ageless Glow & Day Glow)

Facial Serum (Ageless Glow & Day Glow)

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Under Eye Circles | Lines | Wrinkles | Dry Skin

The essential oils used in the serums provide your skin with antioxidants to help fight free radicals, tighten and tone your skin, stimulate blood flow to the surface of your skin which in turn helps your skin to radiate and glow. Day Glow is the ultimate facial serum used for the day while Ageless Glow is a nighttime serum to help tighten and tone. Both work together for the ultimate GLOW.  

  • How to Use
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  • Key Ingredients

Step 1: Cleanse desired area with one of our Skinfood Soaps

Step 2: Pat dry your skin, leaving it slightly damp
Step 3: Apply a thin layer of the serum to your face with the Jade Roller or by hand in an upward motion.
Step 4: Finish your routine with Scar Butter or Oatmeal Healing Salve

How to store: Keep at room temperature

Use our product regimen exclusively for at least four weeks to see how your skin responds before introducing new products.


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Facial Serums combined with the Jade Roller is a powerful combination to help give your skin GLOW.                                                    

Ageless GLOW: Anti Aging Serum | Organic Haitian Moringa Oil, Rosehip Oil, Pomegranate Oil, Argan Oil, Blackseed Oil, Blend of Essential Oils.

Day GLOW Serum: Tree Nut Oil (Tamanu Oil), Argan Oil, Blackseed Oil, Blend of Essential Oils.

Made with lots of love xoxo - Donata Feed your skin!
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Because my ingredients are exclusively found in nature, your Facefood coloring may slightly vary.

No matter what hue your Facefood is, you are getting the highest quality product.

Contact me to help you pick the right products for YOUR skin type.

Just as people's diets are customized for their particular needs and health goals, I customize a regimen to feed your skin. :)

Wait for the desired effects to show, healing takes time. Allow at least four weeks to see how your skin responds before introducing new products.

Shelf Life: 9-12 Months
Dry and cool place

Donata’s journey is just as much internal as it is external, what you put in your body is just as important as what you put on it.

Healthy, glowing skin happens from the inside out.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

Ive tried a few products for my face. But this Ageless glow🙌🙌 WORKS MIRACLES. I saw results within 2 weeks. Simply amazing❤ Thank you amd God blesss

Glowing skin

My face has an even better glow to it, it's the only thing I put on my face,can't get enough of it.LOVE IT.

Love the glowing look

The day glow oil is incredible. It leaves such a nice glow on my face, and now I can’t stop using it...

no longer ashy

Love how little you need to cover your whole face, will definitely get my moneys' worth out of the container. I've always had the problem of really dry appearing skin after washing it since I tend to use drying products to prevent oiliness throughout the day. This serum helps my face not look dry, but does not make me any more oily than I would normally be. Now that I think about it, I have not been oily at all since starting using the turmeric soap. So once I added this to the mix!!!! *chefs kiss*

It was a gift.

My Granddaughter was thrilled to get her present. It came after Christmas though. She really loves your product, as she has tried the samples you sent her. I was delighted to get something for her that she liked so much.

Light and good for sensitive skin

I have sensitive skin so it’s hard for me to try new products. But these oils are so nice and light on my skin. They don’t irritate me and I love them! They are a permanent part of my skin care budget lol

Great combo!

I've used both serums for nearly a month and I love them! The Day glow provides just the right moisturizer without the extra shine. My skin is the healthiest it has ever been. I apply the Ageless glow nightly and my skin looks so good in the morning. Just like all of Donata's products these serums are quality products!


This serum is a great! I love that it’s light and hydrating. And it smells great too! This will more than likely be my go to moisturizer for a long time!

In love!!

Both of the serums keep my face glowing! I has preconceived notions about soap, but decided to try the trial size pine tar---OMG!! I love the way it lathers up and my skin feels squeaky clean. At the age of 57..I finally found products that my face loves..thank you!

Bomb Dot Com!

These serums are the truth! Nice and light and NOT sticky! You apply right after the scar moisturizer and will love the softness of your skin and glow! Go ahead and buy the set! Trust I just did myself.



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Scar butter

This has been a life saver for my skin !!!!


Nice Sea Moss will order again...

Donata Skin Food

Hello loves. If you are looking for quality care, Donata is a superb fit for any whom are looking to love their skin and feed it excellent nutrients. Every product received was of great value. It is worth every penny. You will not regret indulging in what will soon be a normal, and healthy expense.
I wish you a very blessed/pleasant day.
Thank you for existing and perservering Donata.


Absolutely love this product! Has become apart of my daily skin routine 💕💕