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Natural  |  Oder fixer 

Basic deodorant to help keep odor at bay. No aluminum. 
This deodorant does not block your body of it is a natural way to eliminate toxins. 

N E W   C U S TO M E R 
If used correctly, this product will last 6+ months. Like we keep saying, a little goes a long way. 

Deodorant Tips: 
Your body may go through a detox. To help the detox along you can create a paste to apply under the arms. 
Paste: Mix Activated Charcoal, Bentonite Clay, Apple Cider Vinegar, and a little water and apply under arms 
Pay attention to your diet. Strong herbs (like onions and garlic) will cause a stronger body odor. 
Around the time of your cycle you may have a stronger odor than when you are not on your cycle. Pay attention to these details. 
If a natural deodorant doesn't work for you, try another one. Don't give up on natural. 

H O W   T O   U S E 

Step 1: Shower 
Step 2: After cleansing, apply daily. Pat under your arms (do not rub). 

Do not use after shaving. Shave the night prior and apply in the morning. 

In warm temperature? Use less deodorant per application as it melts in the heat. 


Contact me to help you pick the right products for YOUR hair type. Just as peoples diet is customized for their particular needs and health goals, I customize a regimen to feed your skin. :)
Wait for the desired effects to show, healing takes time. 
Allow at least one month to see how your underarms responds before introducing new products

Donata’s journey is just as much internal as it is external, what you put in your body is just as important as what you put on it. Healthy, glowing skin happens from the inside out.

Made with lots of love xoxo - Donata  

Feed your skin!
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Customer Reviews

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Enjoying this product!

I have been using natural deodorant for a long while. This product is working for me. I like that it comes in a tub with the wooden scoop. A little goes a long way. Has a subtle smell (not over-powering) and controls my underarm odor with no reapplication needed.

Great deodorant

I got a trial size of this deodorant & it has lasted me so long, a little bit goes a very long way. I love how it makes my underarm feel moisturized & not dry or itchy. It has a good scent to it & i love that I don’t have to constantly be reapplying it. It lasts me all day long even if it’s a busy day. It’s a great product & I love that it is all natural. Thankful my skin liked it & I didn’t have any issues!

Was a great product

I was changing from regular deodorant and this was the only product that didn't break me out

wow good to know Raven. Happy you found a natural deodorant you like :)
Best Deodorant Ever!!

I just want to let you know that your deodorant is the TRUTH! I’ve tried so many natural deodorants and they were either too harsh and gave me a rash or just flat out didn’t work. I’ve always had to reapply throughout the day or just deal with being smelly. Since using your deodorant, my underarms are so smooth AND I’ve been able to make it all day (no reapplication) with literally no smell at all. NONE 🙌🏽 I didn’t even know that was possible for me. I’m so happy! THANK YOU!!

YASSSSSSS so happy to hear. No more being smelly lol. You're welcome :).

I love Donata’s products but this deodorant didn’t work for me. I’ve ceased using “regular” deodorants for quite some time and know the detox period. I don’t have a lot of odor anymore due to my diet and using natural deodorants for years at this point. This just didn’t do much for me.

Hi Erin, thank you for your review. This deodorant may have not been strong enough for your particular needs. I am glad you are loving your other skinfood :). Deodorant Tips: If this is your first time using natural deodorant give it time. 1) There is a detox period that some people go through. To help the detox along you can do an Activated Charcoal mixed with Bentonite Clay mask with Apple Cider Vinegar and a little water and apply under the arms. This should be a paste consistency. 2) Pay attention to your diet. Strong herbs will cause a stronger body odor like Onions and Garlic. 3) Around your cycle time you may have a stronger odor then when you are not on your cycle pay attention to what time of the month it is. 4) If you are detoxing you may experirnce your body odor to be stronger then usual. That is because your skin is one of the organs used to detox the body. 5) If a natural deodorant doesn't work for you after all mentioned above try another one. Don't give up on natural you will find one that works for you.


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Excellent Product

Absolutely love how the lemongrass smells and moisturizes my skin. Really important to me to use natural products on my body.

Will use this forever

Great Way to Sample!

I bought the trio to try the pine tar and turmeric on myself and Spinach on my 3 month old daughters skin. She has a little bit of eczema and breakout from drool. So the spinach soap spoke to me to try on her. The dry patches on her face cleared overnight, first use. I love the spinach soap for her skin!!

great dish

Less Mess

The soap dish helps the soap last longer and creates less of a mess on your bathroom sink.