What are Pockmarks?

What are Pockmarks?

Pockmarks are a type of scar that is usually a hallmark of acne, however these scars may also be caused by bacterial infections, chicken pox etc. As acne and other skin issues affect the deep layer of the skin, the body reacts by producing an increased amount of collagen as part of the healing process. This increase in collagen production can result in scar tissue which is noticeable from the rest of the skin. (Darkening of the skin may result as well). Some may fade naturally, some may not.


Given that the body works aggressively to remedy acne and other skin problems, it is important to be mindful of the approaches taken to prevent and treat scarring.


Many options are available for treatment, but as in most cases prevention is key. Small steps can be taken to aid in the healing of the skin, and to ease the appearance of pockmarks. The severity of skin issues varies among people, but some basic actions can do well in aiding the treatment/prevention of these scars.


  • Don’t pick at the skin as its healing, avoid scratching or touching the face
  • Keep cell phone cleaned
  • Stay well hydrated with water
  • Be sure to change pillowcases often
  • Exfoliate
  • Facial massage as a compliment the overall treatment of scars
  • Don’t share towels with anyone, and change your towels frequently
  • Avoid harsh and artificial chemicals in your in your skin products


Donata Skinfood has a host of products that provides a natural and delicate approach to aid in the treatment and healing of your skin.


Ageless Glow or Day Glow can help cleanse the skin surface and reduce the appearance of Pockmarks. Gua Sha is a tool that helps allow blood flow and acts as a natural "filler" to pockmarks.


Patience and consistency are key. May all continue to be well on your health and wellness journey.

Pockmarks are caused by:
Bacterial Infection
Chicken Pox

Pockmarks are resolved by:
Ageless Glow
Day Glow
Gua Sha


About the Author

A. Carling is a passionate Health and Wellness Advocate as well as a Certified Fitness Professional.


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