Pouring into Your “SELF”

Pouring into Your “SELF”

Making time for yourself is paramount.

Falling in line with the return of the Hand-Poured Candles from Donata Skinfood, which help to promote a sense of calm and relaxation; let’s take a look at how we can “pour” into ourselves. As we previously discussed in the Intention Mindfulness article, making time for yourself is paramount. Here are 10 ways that can help get you started, maintain, or add to an existing routine.

There is no room for the ego when seeking assistance, be clear on what you need and just ask, no matter what the issue is. You owe it to your ‘SELF”.

1. Journaling

This one is close to me as I love to write. Big surprise there! Writing can sometimes aid in decluttering the onslaught of information that’s rampant in our minds. Be it writing about future plans, the past or just processing some emotions, putting things to paper serves as a great outlet and can be deeply therapeutic. One thing I love, is that you can always go back to it and gain more insight.


2. Meditation

I’ll start by saying that there are MANY ways to meditate. Sitting in the crossed legged position is one that most people are familiar with. You can sit up in a chair, lay down in your bed or even walk while meditating. Playing music, or sounds, and even lighting a natural hand-poured candle are also ways to compliment your practice. Just set your intention, or none at all and go for it. Relax, and breathe deep.

3. Reading

Reading is another great way to set your mind at ease. Getting lost for a bit in a great story is an amazing way to calm your mind and spark the imagination. You can read to expand your knowledge, or for entertainment. The results of a study done at the University of Sussex revealed that reading can reduce stress up to 68%. Books are just another way to ease our minds and allow us to drift off. Think about it, you can travel anywhere or to any time without having to leave the comfort of your home! Light a Hand Poured Soy Wax Candle, pick up your favorite book, and allow yourself to set your mind at ease.

4. Walking Outdoors

Get moving! Walking has many health benefits but getting out into nature takes it to another level. The fresh outdoor air is invigorating to our bodies, as well as the visual cues from nature. The trees, clouds, and the flow of the ocean can create a magnificent backdrop for therapeutic stroll. Our auditory senses may be treated by birdsong, crashing waves, the rustling of leaves on the ground or the hum of a gentle breeze. Take each step mindfully, smile and take it all in.

5. Exercise

Lifting weights? Calisthenics? Or maybe you prefer running? Exercise in its many forms helps to keep us strong, maintain energy levels, and can improve our moods. Experiment with different methods, see what works best for you, and most important have fun!

6. Diet

This is definitely a way to “pour into yourself”. What we put in our bodies is vital to our health. There are so many diets and trends out there, it’s easy to become lost while trying to figure out what works for you. The context in which I use the word “diet” is the broad view of what we consume, not a systemized approach. The aim here is to be aware of what you consume. Great diligence is required when reading labels and ingredients, which can affect everything from our mood, our skin and overall wellbeing.

7. Time with Family and Friends

Our social interactions are an intricate piece to our sense of self. During these times it may be challenging to gather with our loved ones (outside or our immediate social and familial circle), but technology allows to interact in more ways than ever before. Be it a simple phone call or email, to a video chat, we have the means at our disposal. These relationships may serve as our support systems, keeping us grounded and at peace.

8. Ask for Help

We can’t do it all! I have a dear friend of mine that speaks a lot about delegating. Something I continually work on as well. Being too independent can be hindrance to progress, fear of asking for help can be stifling. As much as we can be there for others, lets avoid neglecting ourselves. There is no room for the ego when seeking assistance, be clear on what you need and just ask, no matter what the issue is. You owe it to your ‘SELF”.

9. Deep Breathing

Another of my favorites. Most people walk around in state of perpetual “shallow breathing”. Mindful deep breaths help to slow our heart rate, alleviate stress and give the lungs a great workout and improve their efficiency. Best part about it, is that it can be done almost anywhere! Nothing better than sitting on my mat, candle burning, and doing a few rounds of deep breathing. Many ways to approach this one, do your research and go with what’s best for you.

10. Yoga

Yoga is more popular now than it’s ever been, which makes it very accessible. There are levels for everyone! From babies to seniors, we all have a level that can fit our specific needs. Hatha yoga incorporates so much from which we can benefit. The stretching, the deep breathing, the mindfulness of movement in general is so soothing to our being.



These are all great methods of pouring into ourselves, our “me” time. You may have a well-established routine, or way to care of you, this list can serve as reminder, or to introduce something new. Whatever that means, continue to nurture yourself, be mindful and patient with your “SELF” as you continue on your wellness journey.




About the Author

A. Carling is a passionate Health and Wellness Advocate as well as a Certified Fitness Professional.


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