Intention Mindfulness

Intention Mindfulness

Awareness & Intention Mindfulness

Posted by Antwan, January 31, 2021.

Stop……slow down, and set the intention to read this article, mindfully.

What went through your mind just now after reading that? We all have our distinct methods of approaching mindfulness. Some people seem to have it set on autopilot, while others may utilize ritualistic means, and there are individuals who may struggle to slow down at all.

"Going through our day on “SUPER” autopilot can be detrimental to our health and wellness. I know first-hand."

Well alright then! The importance of slowing down and taking time out to be present with our thoughts and feelings is vital to our well-being. It can be difficult to steal a few moments out of our busy day to do this, but it is possible. Waking up a little earlier, be it 5, 15 or 30 minutes earlier, can give us a little time to “be” with ourselves.


  Going through our day on “SUPER” autopilot can be detrimental to our health and wellness. I know first-hand. Chronic fatigue and panic attacks were all too common for me in the past. People kept warning me to “slow down”, “take it easy “and “don’t work so much”. I heard them—but as simple as the advice was…I just couldn’t do it. I was stuck in a rigid pattern. The body has a way of letting us know when things are off. I heard my body “talk” to me a few times, I ignored it, so it had to “SCREAM” to get my attention, and those anxiety attacks were the kick in the butt I needed to take care of “me”.


  Being “still” can be accomplished in many ways, sitting on the couch in silence for a few moments, gazing at the sky, sitting on the beach, and even just being on your bed with some soothing music. Seated meditation is one of my favorites, which is why I’m excited about the Hand Poured Pure Soy Candles from Donata Skinfood, It’s a great compliment to my practice. Candles have been used throughout history for calming and relaxation purposes. Whether you focus on the dance of the flame, the shadows cast on the walls, or be it the crackle of the wick, candles can be a great addition to your mindfulness practice. The Donata Skinfood candles are formulated with natural fragrance, which offers a smooth and subtle scent to further your relaxation. And rumor has it, they are dropping some time this month.


  Times are challenging with the pandemic, and trying to maintain balance can be difficult, but it’s more important than ever. As you continue on your health and wellness journey, be sure to make time for “you”, our mental hygiene is part of the foundation that keeps us going.




About the Author

A. Carling is a passionate Health and Wellness Advocate as well as a Certified Fitness Professional.


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