How To Control Breakouts During The Holidays

How To Control Breakouts During The Holidays

The Holiday season is upon us, and with that comes parties and celebrations galore! Given that everyone may have been impacted by the pandemic, special care must be taken as emotional eating and drinking may take center stage. As routines have been disrupted, loss of family and or friends, etc., our mental health has taken a severe blow. We may want to head into the season full steam to make up for lost time, to heal, or to just cope with all that has transpired. Enter the holidays, where overly processed and calorie-dense foods are in abundance, alcohol as well.

Whatever the occasion, be it a family gathering, office party, or just meeting with friends, we must be vigilant as to what we ingest, as it can be detrimental not only to our mental health, but it can also wreak havoc on our skin as well as affect our hair. Tradition tends to have a stronghold on what dictates how we eat and what we eat, and cultural influences as well. Moderation, and being mindful of portion size is very important.


Alcohol is popular and considered a social pre-requisite almost by default in most settings. Be aware that alcohol is not only a depressant, but it also dehydrates the body, which robs the skin of moisture leading to a host of other issues (Dry skin, dry scalp, appearance of wrinkles)


Sugar is another culprit to be aware of. High-calorie drinks such as sodas, alcoholic drinks, sugar laden teas etc. all contain surprising amounts of sugar. Blood sugar spikes result in inflammation, which directly affects the skin.


Sodium is most certainly something to be mindful of. High blood pressure rates are common this day and age with the onslaught of processed foods and sedentary lifestyles. Too much salt in the diet can lead to water retention, which can cause us to have an appearance of puffiness or being bloated. I can relate to this as I am sensitive to excess sodium, and it results in bags under my eyes.

What we ingest can be detrimental not only to our mental health, but it can also wreak havoc on our skin as well as affect our hair.

With so much to be mindful of, it can seem overbearing to find healthy alternatives or to moderate our intake of certain foods. Take some time daily to:

(1) Research healthy alternatives to some of your favorite dishes, or even ways to make them healthier without changing too much.

(2) Get support from friends and family, hold each other accountable to make healthier choices

(3) Don't skip your skincare routine! Especially with wearing more make-up, outings, and the food you consume, your Skinfood routine is important to your overall GLOW.


Getting through the holiday season in a strong and balanced manner is possible with a bit of effort. May all continue to be well on your health and wellness journey.




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A. Carling is a passionate Health and Wellness Advocate as well as a Certified Fitness Professional.


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