The Importance of Skin Maintenance

The Importance of Skin Maintenance

You’ve gotten the compliments, the reflection in the mirror confirms it, you have the GLOW! Meticulous in the application of the skinfood, your skin has literally transformed, and things are going great. Was it a bout with eczema that had you down for a while? Or maybe it was persistent acne that finally met it match. Whatever the case may have been, it’s over, and you move on with confidence, crisis averted. Back to basics and all is well; or is it?

Oftentimes, individuals fall back into their “regular” skin care routine, using products laden with harsh and toxic ingredients. All the effort put forth to heal your skin can be undone by reverting to the vicious cycle of using sub-par, unnatural products. Donata Skinfood products are not to be considered a supplement to a skin care routine, using these products is a stand-alone protocol, working harmoniously to attain and maintain your GLOW.

Maintenance and consistency are required for the success of goals that we have set in life. Planning, making notes, setting reminders are great, but if we don’t nurture our pursuits with diligence and mindfulness. Understand that the skin is under constant attack, so we want to make sure that our skincare routine goes beyond treating a specific issue, to one of prevention and balance. Strive to have a perpetual GLOW, not a fleeting one!  

It can be easy to get overwhelmed, however the Skinfood Quiz offers a way to tailor an approach specific to your skincare needs. Our largest organ requires more than a conventional “one size fits all” approach. The Skinfood Quiz serves well to cover a broad spectrum, making it more efficient use of your time and money. DONATA Skinfood is not a mere purchase, it is an investment. 

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