Obedience = Holy Anointing Oil 🙏🏾

Obedience = Holy Anointing Oil 🙏🏾


As you can imagine, there is a story behind this assignment. Obedience.

March is my birthday month. I remember praying for a guiding word for my 49th year. I went to a conference on March 3rd and all I kept hearing was the word obedience. Whether it was the speakers or someone sharing a story during dinner, I kept hearing obedience. After the conference, I remember coming home thinking, I need to be more obedient. By nature I am hard headed in all things.

By now, I was 3 months into fasting and praying monthly which is something I never did in my life - fasting. Turn down food for what? I’m

a foodie. So this month I was already used to God guiding me since January.

He said make anointing oil.  

I laughed. Like huh, anointing oil?! I know nothing about anointing oil except that pastors use it in church. Funny thing is, around this same time, I started seeing videos of people using anointing oil throughout their house. I thought it was cute but didn’t think anything more about it.

This was March 18th at 11:10pm when that thought dropped me mind. At that moment I pulled out a note book and searched in the bible for verses mentioning anointing oil and also researched all the herbs used in the bible. I wrote all the information down and didn’t revisit it again.

In the following weeks, He started stripping me of things little by little that I REALLY LOVED!!!!!

It started with my anklets. I had 5 on my right leg and 3 on the left. Had them for yearsssss and never took them off. He told me to remove them. That hurt cause I really loved my leg jewelry so it took a few weeks to listen.

Then it was my waistbands, that took about 2 weeks for me to obey and remove.

Then it was my nose piercing, which took over a year to finally heal. Grrrrrr, so yes, you know that took another week of me not listening.

Sometime in April, I was praying when I heard "cut the locs off." This is where I drew the line. That was a hard NO! It took 2 months of me fighting with Him until I finally said, "Ok God, you're right, I don’t want to be disobedient to the point I miss out on my blessings". He showed me that my locs were blocking Him from downloading my instructions. This was revealed to me when a pastor laid hands on my head and the whole time I’m thinking the locs are blocking me. So on June 1st, as I promised God, I cut them off.

After this, I kept feeling led to do a full 3 day fast. No food, just water but I had to shut myself in. So I decided to lock myself in my condo for 3 days . Straight fasting, praying, reading the Bible and watching videos to feed me spiritually. On June 28th, He spoke to me again about the oil during my fast.

With snot running down my nose, I kept crying and saying ok, ok, ok I accept the assignment.

I finished praying and felt led to read 1 Kings. It was 2 days I felt led to read it, mind you I really don’t know much about the Bible and never read Kings. So me trying to play God I said, God if I am REALLY meant to make this oil, let me see something about anointing oil when I read this chapter. I was for sure it wouldn’t be in there.

So I read 1 Kings chapter 1, got to verse 39 and BOOM “took a horn of oil out of the tabernacle, and anointed Solomon.” I was shocked.

Now I had no choice but to make this oil. You already know through fasting and praying He led me to the formulation. It took me reading and studying the 1 King chapter several times over the course of a few weeks, to ensure I was making the oil right. Even then I went back and forth with God like this recipe doesn’t make sense. As a formulator when you read the recipe, it looks off and the ratio is too heavy in the spices but with His guidance through re-reading the chapter again several more times, He showed me exactly how to make it correctly. 

I made the Holy Anointing Oil on 7/25/23.

Because this assignment is from Him, every step of the way I asked Him for His guidance on how to release it to you all, the tribe. Before I started my August fast, during the night, the date 8.8.23 came to mind for releasing this oil. Not only that, it was only to be released to my email subscribers for now. 

May this oil bless you abundantly.



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