My Favorite Black Owned Businesses

My Favorite Black Owned Businesses

In celebration of Juneteenth, I would like to highlight a few businesses I feel have had quite the impact in their respective spaces. I have had the privilege of dealing with some directly, and the others have served to provide education and motivation.  

Little Creations by J (@littlecreationsbyj)
Amazing hand-crafted jewelry! Not only are her original designs beautiful and radiant, but she can also create custom pieces per your request!

Dr. Bobby Price (@doctorholistic)
The book Vegucation Over Medication by Dr. Price is a book that’s considered a game-changer by many. Reading his book, watching his YouTube and IG posts have been beneficial. Dr. Price has a great way of conveying the benefits of plant-based eating, and overall health which is easily digested and retained.

Connies Falls (@conniesfalls)
 After being inspired by seeing the way Connie approaches busines and foster more efficiency, it wasn’t long before I hired her to assist our team in implementing habits and tactics that has greatly impacted our business. Be sure to check her out! 

Yah’ki Awakened LLC (@yahkiawakened)
Always something new to learn when viewing content from Yah’ki. The intensity in which he delivers his messages shows a genuine concern for others and a passion to empower. Get ready to be inspired and educated!

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