Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Happy Monday! Hope you started this week out on an AMAZING note already. If not set your intentions and the tone to make it a great and productive week. You control the outcome to everything that comes your way by the way you react to it. It can be positive or negative, it's up to you.

I wanted to share the video from this weekend's speaking engagement. As you know this month is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and I always make sure my voice is heard at some point in October. Domestic Violence Awareness Month means a lot for me as a survivor. Take a moment to watch this video but most importantly please share with others. You REALLY never know what happens behind closed doors... my family didn't know. You could be saving a loved one's life. Share the TV episode or tag loved ones to view it too.

Here is the link to view... IGTV

Read more of my story here. DONATA: In the Mind of a Victim

Also if you are already on Instagram click the IGTV circle and view yesterday's speech. See directions below. May this video be a blessing to you.

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