Detox: Day 1... Let the detox begin, start within!

Little did I know that this drink would be such an eye opener for me. Doriel from Seeds of Imani and I decided to start a Spring Detox: Mind, Body, Skin and Hair series to help people to not only look at their being as a whole but also to detox as such. As we were preparing for Detox the Body series I though it would be fun to do a live demo of Doriel's CLAWSE drink. I followed her journey and knew that she had been having great success with the drink in terms of feeling healthier and looking healthier - day 174. Our first Detox the Body series we did a live demo of the CLAWSE drink. Little did I know that this drink would be life changing for me. Here's what you need to know...

1) We are not professionals when it comes to health. We share our experiences in hopes to help others. BE MINDFUL, everyone's situation is different, your health and lifestyle are different. When embarking on this journey take your health and medications into consideration. Research if you are in doubt and take the time to ask your physician. I prefer you check with a holistic doctor :).

2) Start this detox when you have a little down time. Don't start when you have a busy schedule. Your body will need a good 2-3 days to go through a period of being very tired and exhausted. If that does happen to you at least you have some down time.

3) In this drink there are two ingredients that are acidic the Lemon and the Apple Cider Vinegar. In order to drink this drink over a coarse of time without effecting your teeth here is what you should do... *drink 30 minutes BEFORE brushing your teeth. The bacteria that you wake up with helps to protect your enamel. *drink from a straw *rinse your mouth after drinking the drink

C.L.A.W.S.E. Drink

Cayenne pepper a tip VERY LITTLE

Lemon: 1/2 a lemon

Apple Cider Water: 1 tbsp

Water 8oz water

Agave or honey 1 tbsp

Evoo 1 tbsp (extra virgin olive oil)

I documented my journey and what goes on with me mind, body, skin and hair during the time-frame that I choose to detox. Share your journey with me. What day are you on with your detox? How do you feel? What AH HA moments did you have?

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Your virtual skin therapist... Donata :)

CLAWSE drink by Doriel Inez Larrier @seedsofimani

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