Spring Detox: Mind, Body, Skin & Hair Series

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Iā€™ve been blessed to partner with Doriel fromĀ Seeds of Imani, to bring to you a series ofĀ livestreamsĀ on detoxing the mind, body, skin and hair. April is known for ā€œSpring Cleaningā€. So many focus on cleaning their homes, cars, office space, closets etc. Rarely are people hype about cleaning the mind. Yes even the body, there isĀ Spring DetoxĀ but for the mind, skin and hair itā€™s rare. So we thought it would be fun to do a series onĀ Instagram livestreamĀ covering each topic and sharing tips, stories and affirmations to detox the mind, body, skin and hair. On some of the livestreams we will even do demos for some of the topics.

Here is the intro to ourĀ Spring Detox: Mind, Body, Skin & Hair series. I will be sharing my personal journey with you and what every day brings on this journey. Since we started Iā€™ve had a lot of people wanting more information about it so I will be sharing them via email. If you are not already signed up for our Spring Detox series please do so hereā€¦.

I look forward to you joining us.Ā LivestreamĀ is where you can ask your questions on the spot and get your answers while we are live. Donā€™t miss out!

Donata ā€“ your virtual skin therapist xo

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