Blended Soaps Launch September 2022

Blended Soaps Launch September 2022

Blended Soaps launch tomorrow, September 16th, 2022 at 12pm est 

Are you prepared? No seriously…I’ve read the comments, seen the stories, and even had people address me personally about missing out on the blended soap drops. From “I forgot” to “I thought I would have time” or “I didn’t know”, the reasons for missing out are numerous. Don’t let it happen to you!

Be prepared for this drop, it's our freshest batch yet.

There’s nothing worse than coming across all the happy customers who got their blended soaps, and you missed out. While people may have a method to make sure they get their blended soaps, there is one simple thing that can give you the edge, join the email list for blended soap drop and keep an eye on those notifications! I know this seems very direct and pardon my urgency, but the Blended Soaps are no joke! You know how it goes! By the time you click twice, you see DONATA with the SOLD-OUT post!

These soaps are carefully formulated and works wonders for those that are fortunate to get their hands on them. Ever since the first drop, the popularity of these soap bars continues to grow, and has become quite the event! Again, be sure to sign up for the email list and you may find yourself as one of the fortunate customers with the celebratory post with your blended soaps secured! Wishing you all the best with great excitement as the Blended Soap Drop approaches.

Not sure which blend is right for you? Take this quick quiz

Question 1: What does your face shine look like?
A: Around my T-zone but not my cheeks  
B: Dull everywhere
C: Bright everywhere
D: Non existent in the morning and heavy at night

Question 2: How does it feel when you touch your face?
A: Flakey or dry in some places
B: Greasy and oily
C: Irritated and tense
D: Rough and bumpy

Question 3: When you wash your face how does it feel?
A: My face still feels oily
B: Clean now but it feels harsh and tense on my cheeks
C: Clean now but it'll be oily soon
D: Irritated, I feel like I'm breaking out more

Question 4: At the end of the day what does your skin need?
A: Blotting in my t-zone or chin
B: Something to calm the irritation and dryness
C: Facial spray. I feel like there is no moisture.
D: Blotting all over my face

Question 5: What is your biggest skin concern right now?
A: Dark Spots
B: Eczema
C: Shine
D: Acne

Question 6: How important is having an all organic and natural product on your face?
A: SO Important
B: SO Important
C: SO important
D: SO Important

A: Turmerich Soap
B: Spintar Soap
C: Tarmeric Soap
D: Trinity Soap

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