Frequently Asked Questions

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Shipping FAQs

When can I expect to receive my Donata Skinfood package?

  • We offer First Class Shipping and Priority Mail to Domestic customers and First Class International Shipping and Priority International to International Customers.
  • Step 1: Place your order
    Step 2: Allow us 5-7 days for processing
    Step 3: Your order is shipped and will be delivered in the selected timeframe

    Please allow 7-10 days for processing for limited release collection drops.

STANDARD: 1st Class USPS 3-7 business days from ship date, not order date.
PRIORITY INSURED: 1-3 business days from ship date, not order date.

  • Please note: the above estimates do not include processing and shipping time. After you’ve placed an order, please allow an additional 7-10 business days to receive your shipping confirmation with tracking details and then your shipping time to receive for Skin and Hairfood.

I need my order expedited. What can I do?

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer expedited shipping on orders.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We love this question as we continue to see our Tribe grow GLOBALLY. We are shipping internationally.

Delivery time for USPS First Class Pacakge International Service is typically 1-4 weeks depending on destination.

International shipping is processed via USPS First Class or Priority International whichever you select. A tracking number is provided to you at the time that your package is shipped. Use the tracking number to check on your package.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: First class shipping can not be tracked nor is covered by insurance. Select Priority International Shipping in order to track your order from the time it’s delivered to USPS and to your International carrier. Priority International Shipping also comes with insurance.

Customs and import taxes: Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. Orders delayed by customs is the customer’s responsibility to resolve with customs. Once your order is shipped out of Miami it is no longer our responsibility to resolve.

What do I do if my order hasn’t been delivered yet?

Track your order with the tracking number provided to you. Please note, at times USPS will not enter the step by step tracking of your product when it leaves Miami. Then miraculously it will show up on the tracking system or better yet on your doorstep. Please contact USPS once your timeframe has passed to open a case if you do not receive your package.

We have no control over what happens to your package after it leaves the warehouse! Please contact us using the form below or directly to with any questions.


My package has been lost or stolen, who do I contact?

Donata Skinfood is proud to partner with Route, the leader in package protection and tracking solutions. By selecting Route+ at checkout your order will be protected from damage, loss*, or theft. In the unfortunate case that your order never comes or is broken upon arrival, you can easily file a claim with Route and receive a replacement or be fully reimbursed. We are excited to offer this service to you and we highly recommend you use Route+ package protection at checkout.

*Claims for packages marked "delivered" yet not received and where there is no evidence of “porch piracy” must be made 5 days after “delivery date” but no longer than 15 days to ensure it was not misdelivered or easily found around the premises." Claims for packages presumed to be lost (where the status is not "delivered") must be filed after 7 days (20 days for international) and within 30 days from the last checkpoint.

It says my order will be here in 2-5 days, why haven’t I received it yet?

Our process is order, process, and then ship. It takes us 5-7 days to process orders outside of limited release collections. Even if you have elected for a 2 day shipping period, you will still need to wait for at least a week for your order to be processed. With that being said, your Skinfood will be worth the wait and we encourage you to plan ahead!

Step 1: Place your order
Step 2: Allow us 5-7 days for processing
Step 3: Your order is shipped and will be delivered in the selected timeframe

Please allow 7-10 days for processing for limited release collection drops.

Do you offer refunds or returns?

No returns, exchanges, or cancellations. If you are not 100% satisfied with your Skinfood, please contact us at or fill out the contact form below.

I didn’t receive my full order or the wrong variant of my order, what should I do?

  • Please email with the following info:
    • *Full Name
    • *Order #
    • *Picture of invoice
    • *Picture of personalized note
    • *Picture of your full order

I entered the wrong shipping address, what do I do?Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer expedited shipping on orders

Orders are pulled within 24 hours. We can not guarantee that we will be able to make the change in time. Please email with your correct address.

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Product FAQs

General Notice:

*Everyone’s skin is different so please stop use if irritation occurs.

*Avoid contact with eyes.

* We list facts about the ingredients that are in the products, but cannot guarantee any sort of results because we have not had any actual scientific tests done so we can't make any claims.

It’s SkinFOOD, can I eat my products?

Believe it or not, we have actually gotten this question before. Donata’s products are ALWAYS for external use only. Products can be applied to your whole external body (private areas included), but you never want to consume or insert products.

Do you test on Animals?

  • Never. Our products are tested on humans not animals and we make no medical claims on any of our products.

Why is my Hair and Skinfood colored differently?

Because my ingredients are exclusively found in nature, your Skinfood hue may slightly vary. No matter what hue your Skinfood is, you are getting the highest quality product.

Why is my packaging different from the pictures?

Due to COVID-19, our packaging supplies are varying. Our first goal is to make sure you are getting the Skin and Hairfood you love - it’s what’s on the inside that matters! Our bottles may vary slightly for the time being but it is still the Skin and HairFood you love. Thank you for your understanding and reach out to with any questions.

My Whipped Butter is melted, what do I do?

During the summer season butters may melt during shipping. Each jar is packed with appropriate size butter to accommodate for potential melting. Butters are whipped and will change consistency when melted, this will cause the butter to look less in the jar. You are still getting the same amount of product, however, it will be a different consistency. Pop your melted butter into the fridge for 15-20 minutes (or until solid) and your butter will become a balm consistency. Use less of this balm than you would the whipped butter for your Skinfood regimen.

Products that might be affected with melted butters: Herbal Body Butter, Oatmeal Salve, Scar Butter

Which Donata Skinfood product is best for my Skintype?

Pine Tar is commonly used for combination skin, Spinach Soap is for dry and dry skin conditions, while Turmeric Soap is for oily skintypes. We have seen Tribe members show AMAZING results with a curated combination of products.

For a personalized product recommendation strategy, please DM us over Instagram or email us at

Will my products expire?

Donata Skinfood products have a shelf life of up to 9 months. We hardly ever see Skinfoodie’s products last that long. Our loyal tribe often cycles through their products within two months.

Why can I only order one Irish Sea Moss packet?

100% Organic Irish Sea Moss is one of our most popular internal wellness products. Due to mass demand to build immunity during COVID-19, we have seen a spike in purchases and we want to make sure everyone in our tribe is able to purchase this product.

Order FAQs

How can I change my order?

We do not offer any changes, alterations, or additions to your order. Please carefully review your order before hitting submit. Please email for any urgent changes.

We can not guarantee that the order will be updated but will do our best to accommodate you.

Can I use multiple discount codes at checkout?

  • You may only use one discount code per purchase order.

Can I cancel my order?

We are so sorry to hear you no longer want your Skin or Hairfood. Once you place an order you may not cancel it. Email for urgent requests.

Tribe Involvement FAQs

We pride ourselves in being #1 in customer service. So much love is poured in every single hand-crafted product that is made. We ask that you show the same love by leaving feedback about your order.

I want to tell my friends about Donata Skinfood, do you have an Ambassador Program?

YES YES YES! We have an Ambassador program and you can apply here. Donata Skinfood is founded on friends telling friends about their experiences with our products and we can’t grow unless that message continues to be shared. If you are selected to be an Ambassador you have the opportunity to receive exclusive discounts and referral discounts.

I want to interview Donata Skinfood for a media outlet or PR opportunity.

  • Thank you for considering us! You can email for any marketing related questions.

I want to get involved with Donata Skinfood’s team, are you hiring?

Any resumes or interests can be emailed to We are always interested in connecting with people who understand our message and mission of all things mind, body, skin, and hair and can’t wait to connect with you.

Wholesale FAQs

Does Donata Skinfood offer wholesale?

Not at this time. We are not offering wholesale. Please send us an email to with any further questions or inquiries.



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