The Power of Unshakeable Faith

The Power of Unshakeable Faith

If there is anything I learned at a young age is that my life is a testimony. Everything I have been through, I've always been able to flip it to help others... this season is no different.

In January, I started fasting and praying monthly. When I started I never knew how much it would change my life. So many things has changed and so many lessons within the last 9 months, that this can truly be a series of emails. 

3 words

If I had to pick 3 words that describes these past 9 months they would be OBEDIENCE, FAITH & EXECUTE. In that order. I've had to learn to listen to God and do what he asked me to do. No matter how much it didn't make sense at that moment, I had to learn to move without questions. For example, him stripping me of my anklets, waist beads, nose piercing, locs and items I had to get rid of in my house. It was hard, I didn't understand it at the time but I did it anyways. Yes, there was a little fight especially at the beginning lol. 

I realize now he had to strip me clean so he can use me. It's during that time he asked me to make the Holy Anointing Oil. All 3 of those words were implemented - obedience to make the oil, faith that he would direct me on how to make it and execute... this is the first product I EVER launched so quickly WITH a professional label 😂. I didn't understand then but now the feedback I get, I am glad he choose me to make it.

3 days

In June, I felt led to do a 3 day lockdown of fasting & praying. So I literally shut myself in my Airbnb and didn't leave that condo for 3 days. Zero food and just water. Not sure how I survived that cause I love to eat.

During my fast, I realized I made a big mistake the last 10 years. Although God was at the forefront of my business, I never asked his guidance to manage it. I took that into my own hands and ran with it for 10 years. Yes, he got all the glory as he is the one that blessed me with this business. He also blessed me with all the formulations. I never formulated without praying and asking for guidance on what ingredients to use. BUT when it comes to planning and managing I did that or my team did. 

I watched a lot of videos those 3 days to feed my soul. As I was listening to Joshua Selman he said, "did you ask God for the strategic plan for the next 6 months in your business? Is God your Strategic Planner?" That statement hit me like a brick. I sat there feeling stupid, like OMG I never thought about that. So I asked God for forgiveness and invited him to be the strategic planner for DSF. Why before the 3 day fast was over the person I considered our strategic planner changed her mind about an agreement we made which led to letting her go. I knew then God would take over that position. It was a hard lesson to learn because I was used to allowing someone else to lead the business or to led it myself.

From July till now, by allowing him to led I've had to learn a lot. Yes, could I have found someone else to replace her, sure. That's not what God wants during this season. The same way he stripped me physically, spiritually and mentally he is doing the same in the business. He has pulled me completely back in to manage a lot. Although it's been overwhelming, I have been learning soooooo much. I've identified any gaps and I'm putting the pieces together. All these mistakes and learning curves is also helping me to prepare for my Cohort program. If I don't learn them how, can I turn around and teach anyone about business. 

So it's been a crazy 9 months between my personal and business life. I've been hit in every corner of my life but the blessing that comes from it is I am obedient, I am keeping the faith and I am executing what he ask me to do. 

I ask that as I make some changes to the business you all weather the storm with me. I know he is shaking me to prepare me for greater. You are on the front row seat watching this journey unfold.

I pray my journey encourages you to be OBEDIENT, have FAITH and EXECUTE what you have been asked to do.

XO -Donata

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