Let That Sh!t Go: Gut Health Equals Skin Health

Let That Sh!t Go: Gut Health Equals Skin Health

The health of our gastrointestinal (GI) system is having its time right now, and deservedly so. Our gut is intricately involved in our overall health. The burgeoning science related to gut health has caught the attention of many and have inspired people to really address their habits and lifestyle in general.

 Let’s take a quick “shallow” dive into what gut health is. When discussing our GI tract, digestion is usually the main topic. What we consume is broken down, distributed in the bloodstream, and utilized by the body. When things are awry in this complex operation, from intake of food to elimination, complications and illness ensue. The microbiome of the gut is an interplay of bacteria, fungi, and viruses working to keep us in balance, though it is prone to disruption by our surroundings, what we eat, feel, and apply on our bodies. 

 Regarding our skin, an unhealthy/altered gut may be a contributing factor to some common issues such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Our immune system is influenced greatly by our gut microbiome, and our skin has its own microbiome as well, which is responsible for fighting infections, and maintaining a certain level of acidity to keep pathogens at bay. A few things that can negatively affect the balance of our gut health are: 

  • Overuse of antibiotics (kills the bad “bugs” as well as the good ones)
  • Certain medications
  • alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Stress
  • Lack of physical activity 
  • Fried foods/overly processed foods/junk food
  • Too much sugar and artificial sweeteners  

The list goes on of course, but these are a good base from which to formulate your approach to a healthier gut and radiant skin. When the gut is out of balance, there are some common ways to remedy the situation. One is to consume pre- and pro-biotics, these may come from supplements, or certain foods. Some people may choose to go on an elimination diet or detox to “reset” their microbiome. Drinking more water is an often-overlooked step in maintaining a healthy gut, as well as being mindful of allergens and food intolerances.

 Juicing is another powerful tool in regulating gut health. One of the more popular brands out is the NAMA Juicer, its efficient and easy to assemble. Food prep and cooking can be time consuming for most, and juicing doesn’t take much time and makes it more convenient to get those pre-biotic/pro-biotic foods into our daily routine. I say routine because gut maintenance is a daily pursuit. Tribe members now have an opportunity to purchase a Nama Juicer at a 10% discount with the code DONATA10. The Nama Juicer is the co-star in the videos posted by Donata as she shares how she feeds the skin from within! Take advantage of this great deal to aid in your gut health and overall wellness. I was amazed the first time I saw it in action! It’s definitely worth it, and I’m sure you will find yourself in a “juicing frenzy” as I did, which yields great vitality!

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