Is Pine Tar the Right Choice for Your Skin?

Is Pine Tar the Right Choice for Your Skin?

Our Vegan Pine Tar Skinfood Soap is one of the most popular products offered in the Donata Skinfood lineup. This versatile soap helps to alleviate symptoms related to acne, eczema scars, psoriasis, and hyperpigmentation as well. The feedback from the tribe about this soap has been tremendous, and for good reason, this is a very powerful bar. Do you know if Pine Tar is the best Skinfood cleanser for you?

What is Pine Tar?

Pine Tar has been used for medicinal purposes throughout history, its created by using extremely high temperatures to decompose pine trees. A few reasons that pine tar is so beneficial to the skin is that it has great anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties. A lesser-known term “antipruritic” (meaning anti-itch) is another fantastic property of pine tar. Take a minute to think of all the impurities and contaminants that our skin encounters daily - interaction with our phone, bacteria-infection bathrooms, door handles, our own hands that touch all these things, it's endless. This can pretty much set the tone for skin issues to develop, or to worsen skin conditions that may already be present.

Who is Pine Tar Skinfood Soap NOT for?

This is NOT the ideal soap for sensitive skin. It can be quite aggressive on skin that is not suited for such an intense approach.  I speak from first-hand experience, and there has been feedback from the Tribe as well to confirm the effects of this bar.  As stated previously this is a powerful bar, with a substantial drawing effect on the skin. When applied to the skin, it gets to work quickly to purify, and draw out impurities. If you find Pine Tar too sensitive for your skin, stay on alert through our emails to see when we drop Earth Soap - it has the same properties of Pine Tar, without the activated Charcoal (meant for sensitive skin).

Which Skin Concerns Does Pine Tar Treat?

Skin issues such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis can be quite complex and aggressive which is why the Pine Tar Skinfood soap is usually recommended. The Pine Tar bar is aimed at those with normal/combination skin type, even if no major skin issues are present, they can still benefit from the properties of the bar. It is best to try out this soap in small amounts in small areas of the body to see how your skin reacts and go from there. May you be one of the many Tribe members that use this soap to enhance and nourish your GLOW!

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