Donata's Blended to The Max: Is This Soap Right for You

Donata's Blended to The Max: Is This Soap Right for You

The Blended to The Max bar takes it up a notch from the Trinity bar. This bar is composed of every soap bar that has previously been released.

Infused with the power of Pine Tar, Moon Rock, Moon Rock Medley, Heiwa, Spinach, Turmeric, and Earth, this batch is sure to deliver a truly unique experience.

This lathering quality of this bar is fantastic, which make it a great supplement to your skincare routine. Blended to The Max has no added essential oils, so the individuals that may be sensitive are in the can indulge, and the smell of the bar is more subtle and natural.

You may have a well-established skincare routine with your Skinfood, but given the complexity of this bar, you may encounter an entirely different experience. In short, this bar can be for everyone. Providing such a rich and nourishing cleanse, this bar is sure to go FAST!

Be ready, the buzz around this release is pretty high, so do not miss out!


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