Decrease Stress With...

Decrease Stress With...

You never know where your business is gonna lead you, you really just have to start. I could never imagine when I fell into making skincare that it would be so much more than skincare products. What started to be just about skin turned into skin and hair then mind, body, skin and hair.

Although my message always covered the mind, body, skin and hair journey, by adding the Renew Oil to my line just solidified the message even stronger. There is one thing to tell people to decrease stress and another to offer a product that will help them to decrease stress.

Of course, we know the ripple effect of decreasing stress... helps with sleep which in turn helps the skin. We can't have you walking around here looking stressed and sleepy. It will show all on your face lol. Not sure what the cause of your stress is? Read my last blog post about type of stress.

We launched our full size Renew Oil I can't wait for you to try it. If you don't know what this amazing oil is all about grab a sample here


About the Author:
D. Joseph is your virtual skin therapist for all things mind, body, skin, and hair. She is a wellness leader and founder of Donata Hair & Skinfood, Donata CBD, and Donata Events

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