10 pound Hot Process, High Temp, Counter Top Soap

Hey guys, here’s my 10 pound batch of Hot Process Soap. Pay attention so you learn from my mistakes lol. I learned a few things putting the video together…

1) making a big batch like this it’s not wise to do a water discount. I would prefer more time to work on this soap without it being thick.

2) if you notice in the video after the first two volcanoes the batch separated, that’s why I used the stick blender which not only made the batch come together it heated up the batch to where there were a ton of volcanoes.

2) as I stated in the video DO NOT use more than 144ozs oils in the 12 qt stock pot or your arm will fall off trying to make sure the soap doesn’t spill over.

3) there is a video showing how I made the molds for a 9-10 pound batch.
144ozs is 9 pounds | 160ozs is 10 pound batch.
The Turmeric Facial Bar video was 144ozs of oils

4) sorry if I repeated myself on some things it’s the teacher and the ADHD in me lol.

Enjoy the video. Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe!
-Donata xo

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