Avoid HOT Showers

Avoid HOT Showers

Who else loves their hot showers...?

Using hot water to make a great cup of tea is ideal, but when we bathe/shower, cranking up the temperature may not be in our best interest. Washing our hands in overly hot water is also an issue. I’m sure that some can relate to how “relaxing” hot showers can be, I used to enjoy them often, but it can take a significant toll on our skin and hair.

On a basic level hot water is known to cause inflammation. The natural oils that our skin produces can be stripped away, leading to dry irritated skin. Individuals with skin issues such acne, eczema or psoriasis need to be very careful, as the inflammatory properties of water that is extremely hot, can make these conditions even more unpleasant. When cleansing our bodies, hair and scalp, there is a degree of friction involved, and water that is too high in temperature can take us from cleansing to pretty much stripping and scraping.

As with our skin, water that is too hot can deprive our scalp of its natural moisture. Having a dry scalp can lead to issues such a flaking and sensitivity. Obviously, the health of our hair must be considered when talking about the scalp. Brittle hair, breakage or even hair loss can be a result of cranking up heat in the shower. This must all be considered beyond the shower/bathing. When we wash our hands, or our face we have be mindful of water temperature.

Balance is key when it comes to utilizing water temperature. Lukewarm/warm is usually advised over HOT. When cleansing our bodies, it’s important to use products that are moisturizing, and that nurture our skin as whole. A great place to start is to take the Hair and Skinfood Quiz to have a better idea of how to approach your overall skincare routine. During the winter months it can be tempting to use the hottest water we can tolerate to warm up. But as I mentioned in a previous article, the cold weather can dry the skin and pair this with hot water and you have a recipe for OVERLY dry skin. Continue to be mindful that as you are cleansing your skin and hair, that you aren’t counteracting your efforts by using water that is to hot! As always, may all be well on your health and wellness journey.


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