New Soap Release: Heiwa

New Soap Release: Heiwa


A. Carling


It’s with great excitement that I write this, being that there is new AMAZING product being offered by Donata Skinfood!

Heiwa! This soap is formulated using aloe, making it even more gentle on the skin than the Spinach Soap. Another great ingredient in this soap is diatomaceous earth. What is that you ask? Basically, it’s fossilized algae. It contains has a high amount of silica, which has been known to help soften the lines of aging and also has anti-inflammatory properties which helps to treat acne and psoriasis. Silica can also aid in hair growth when used on the scalp.

With this drop, the Skinfood team will be looking for customer feedback. This will NOT be a permanent addition to the main soap line-up. Future drops of this soap will be based on feedback and customer experience. So, let this the be the call for you to really be mindful when using the soap. As always, your honest feedback is appreciated. Some of the team members have tried the soap and the responses have been positive all around. I for one am huge fan of the smell first and foremost! I can honestly say that I sat with this soap just for the scent alone for at least 5 mins before I actually used it! I see it as a connection, a ritual of sorts!

That being said, I’m very excited for you all to try this product and look forward to your reviews and experiences. May all continue to go well on your health and wellness journey.


Some of your most common skin questions about Heiwa:


  • What Skin Type is best for Heiwa?
    • Heiwa is for ALL Skin Types. Whether you have dry skin or oily skin by night, Heiwa helps you take intention time with refreshing Aloe to help focus on soothing relaxation and hydrating your skin. Heiwa doesn't clog pores or over-oil your skin but rather hydrates your skin and repairs dryness.
  • Will this help with Acne?
    • Heiwa does help with body Acne. Aloe and Diatomaceous help reduce inflamation while naturally hydrating your skin to help ensure trapped dirt under the skin is removed for a soft glow.
  • Is this eczema friendly?
    • Absolutely! If you typically use Spinach Soap, Heiwa is the BEST one time drop selection for you to help sooth the irritation and dryness caused by eczema. If you got a chance to try out one time Moon Rock drop, Heiwa was made with some of the same key ingredients.
  • What are the benefits of Diatomaceous earth on the skin?
    • Diatomaceous earth is often ingested to help promote immunity. Applied on to the skin, Diatomaceous acts as an extremely soothing natural exfoliator. Not only are you getting the bacteria out from your skin, you are ensuring you are not damaging your skin through harsh exfoliators.


Some of your most common release questions about Heiwa:

  • Is this a one time drop?
    • You know the drill - we are doing a one time drop! Get your alarms ready, your cart ready, and make a game plan to get in, get your soap, and avoid cart stealers. We run in limited quantity so be sure to stock up!!
  • Will there be enough for the Tribe?
    • Don't wait to find out!! 12 PM EST on January 21st. Get ready.


A. Carling is a passionate Health and Wellness Advocate as well as a Certified Fitness Professional.

- A. Carling -




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