Struggling with Old Acne Scars? Let's Talk.

Struggling with Old Acne Scars? Let's Talk.

The Scar Butter offered by Donata Skinfood has been referred to “magic in a jar”! That’s just one of the many adjectives attributed to this amazing product. The Scar Butter can is vital in helping to alleviate issues with old acne scars, and other scars in general. Keep in mind that old scars have been there for a long time, so a well-planned approach is important. Let’s take a brief look at how it can help in your skincare routine.

 Consistency is key when using the scar butter, as well as patience. It may be discouraging to not see rapid results, (some report seeing changes quickly), you must give it time to work, especially when dealing with older scars. Some individuals may be in a constant battle as environmental toxins a trigger a flare-up. We all have different skin issues and lifestyles, so what may work for one, may not work for next, so it is imperative to stick to a routine when using the scar butter to ensure the best results. 

Acne scars can be quite stubborn, due the inflammation and subsequent skin breakage. 

The severity of the scars can vary from mild, to the more serious cases. Before addressing the acne scars, be sure that your skincare routine, diet, and lifestyle promote an environment of healing, you want to lower the chances of new breakouts (within reason) while addressing older scars. Minimizing the factors that increase the chances of a breakout, will allow the Scar Butter to do its job more efficiently.

The key to reducing old acne scars: Apply Scar Butter 1-2x per day to damp skin, making sure to rub it in until its fully absorbed by the skin.

Be gentle in your application, as not to irritate the area. Again, the scar butter requires consistency, as its unique blend of ingredients work at a deeper level to nourish the skin. The Pine Tar Soap is commonly used in tandem with the Scar Butter because of it extracting properties, but you have to use the soap that’s best for you skin. Be sure to pick up a jar of the Scar Butter to get started, this potent blend of natural ingredients may be just the thing your skin has been waiting for!

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