Episode 2 • Turmeric Drink • Weight Loss

This video is wayyyy overdue but it’s finally here. Enjoy and drink up. I have been doing this drink for the last 3-4 months faithfully and I really feel a difference in my body. More energy, less pain, decreased cholesterol, less dizziness around my cycle, less bloating, lost some inches (I would lose more if I ate better ;-/) working on that. It’s a process.

For my kids I notice more energy, less headaches, less tummy aches and they lost inches. My oldest is in college and she drinks a whole cup with a full spoon of Turmeric, I’m not there yet lol.

Lots of dis-eases stem from inflammation so start at the root of healing your body and decrease inflammation.

Anyways, tons of benefits. Give it time, it works.

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-Donata xo

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