His Daughter

His Daughter

One thing I've learned quickly this year is to be in a child's place. That can be hard, I was so used to doing and controlling everything myself. I'm used to doing things within my own power. It's through "my own power" where I always got stuck. Are you feeling stuck?

I started fasting and praying with Covered by God in January. I would hear Tiphani mention that she's mastered the daughters position very well. I heard it but it went over my head up until 1-2 months ago. I was at a stand still again not knowing what to do. I was listening to one of her lives, yes the one called, The Office of a Daughter. Then it hit me, why am I trying to handle this on my own? I said, God I turn this situation over to you. You're my dad, I am your daughter. It is none of my business how you work out the details of this situation, just order my steps and guide me in what to do.

He did just that. I stopped worrying about how it was going to get done and I just did what he said to do. YESSSSSS that is a scary place to be. Since than I have been following his guidance as closely as I can. Yes there are times I'm like God are you sure lol. Cause the way he's been moving me is completely out of my comfort zone but I know once all the pieces fall together it will be EPIC. The journey of taking it one step at a time and not seeing the full picture can be overwhelming (cause I can't control the steps 🤣) but since I see him as my dad, I know he has my best interest at heart.

If you catch yourself getting stuck often, feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, worrying about your day to day problems try something different. Turn that over to God. Clearly, you can't handle it because if you could you wouldn't be overwhelmed, anxious, stressed or constantly worrying. That's not what we were put on this earth to do. God created you with a gift that you should be sharing with the world but you can't because life is lifing.

What should you do... Invite God into your day to day life. Ask him to take charge. Ask him to show you what it is you are supposed to do. Each thing that has been stressing you tell him you turn that situation over to him. God, I turn my finances over to you. Help me to be a good steward over my money. Teach me the skills to learn how to multiply what I have so I can live in abundance. Remember as you are turning things over to him you also have to do what you're supposed to do first, like pay tithes (dang that message is for me too).

I have told God on many occasions I can't be stressed about money cause when I am I can't focus on the gift he has given me to do lol. I talk to him frfr.

I could share all the steps I've been taking since January because it has truly been a journey but it can be overwhelming because my steps may not be the steps you should be taking at this time. Allow God to tell you the steps you need to take.

So the first thing you should do is watch the video and prepare yourself to fast with us (scroll to the bottom and add your name and email).

#TYOTB Fast is November 27th

Corporate Fast December 1st - 3rd

btw stock up so there is ABSOLUTELY no down time in your skincare regimen. I've been telling my Oasis customers to stock up till January. I don't think it will take that long to start making products again but you never know. I rather you be safe than sorry. Last day 11/20/2023

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