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Do you struggle with knowing what are the best products for your skin? Do you really understand the type of skin you have?

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COMBO PACK: Pine Tar Soap & Scar Butter

For less than $30 you can receive a starter set to help jump start your skinfood journey. I am sure you have spent a ton of money and time trying to find the right products for your skin. Months, years and wasted dermatologist appointments only to be given an expensive cream filled with chemicals to feed your skin just to find out later it’s not as great as you thought it should be. Don’t give up all hope just yet, see what all the rave is about when it comes to this amazing combo.

Whether you are looking to maintain healthier skin using natural skincare products or wanting to feel confident in the skin you are in – you have to treat yourself to our Pine Tar Soap and Scar Butter.

This combo comes with a sample size Pine Tar soap and Scar Butter. Just enough to last you a week and see how your skin loves it. No need to spend a ton of money on a product just to find out you don’t like it. Try it now. Order yours TODAY!




Virtual Skin Therapist

With so many products to choose from and so many DIY recipes on google it can be a daunting task to find the right products for your skin. If you still don’t know what to use after looking at our skinfood feel free to contact Donata for a consultation.


Allow me Donata, your virtual skin therapist to guide you on your journey to healthier skin. No more covering up, no more hating what you see in the morning and no more feeling ashamed with the skin, body and mind you are blessed with. The largest organ on your body goes deeper than just the surface of your skin. I am here to help you get to the root of your skin concerns and work through them one “meal” at a time. Feed your skin!


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