Luxury Soap Trio Set
Luxury Soap Trio Set

Luxury Soap Trio Set

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Don't know which soap is best for your skin type? With our trio all in one order, you can test out before falling in love with one, two, or all of them. Each 1oz

P I N E   T A R   S O A P
Hyperpigmentation  | Discoloration |  Dark Spots | Acne Marks  | Eczema | Psoriasis |   Poison Ivy | Bug Bites | Poison Ivy  | Oak | Sumac | Dandruff | Men’s Dry Hair  | Craving a radiant glow? 

A must-have product for every Skinfoodie. 

S P I N A C H   S O A P
Hyperpigmentation  | Discoloration | Dark Spots | Acne Marks  | Eczema | Psoriasis | Craving a radiant glow?

This soap has an extra creaminess to it and adds moisture to the skin. 

T U R M E R I C   S O A P
Oily Skin  | Acne Marks  | Flakey Skin | Craving a radiant glow?

This soap has a light drawing effect. If your skin is really dry, I do not recommend the Turmeric Soap. 


H O W   T O    U S E 
Step 1: Wash your face or impacted area on your body using one of the Soaps exclusively at night/in the morning as instructed  
Step 2: Pat dry your skin, leaving it slightly damp 
Step 3: Apply a thin layer of one of our Butters to the entire impacted area
How to store: Keep at room temperature and store soap on the Wooden Soap Dish to help ensure your soap lasts and is clear of bacteria


Skinfood Accessory: Wooden Soap Dish 

Use our product regimen exclusively for at least four weeks to see how your skin responds before introducing new products. Rotate through the soaps to find the one that works best for your skin type. 

Because my ingredients are exclusively found in nature, your Skinfood hue may slightly vary. No matter what hue your Skinfood is, you are getting the highest quality product. 

Contact me to help you pick the right products for YOUR skin type. Just as people's diets are customized for their particular needs and health goals, I customize a regimen to feed your skin. :)

Wait for the desired effects to show, healing takes time. 

Allow at least four weeks to see how your skin responds before introducing new products 

Donata’s journey is just as much internal as it is external, what you put in your body is just as important as what you put on it. Healthy, glowing skin happens from the inside out. 

Made with lots of love xoxo - Donata

Feed your skin!
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Customer Reviews

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Elite Sample Pack

Want to try Donata’s soaps before purchasing full size? This is the way to go. Big enough bars to really test out which one(s) work best for your skin. I always cut them into smaller squares to prolong their lifespan and they last a while.

Also, there was an error with my order and the wrong shipping address was put in. I reached out to the team asking to update the address before it shipped, and they were able to update it on my order! It wasn’t a guarantee it would reflect correctly before shipping my order but luckily it did, so best soaps AND best customer service.


The Spinach and Pine Tar soap is amazing. Works just as products are described. If you have any concerns, they are responsive and very detailed in a timely manner.


It was really good

The best soap I’ve come across 🤩

I literally noticed improvement in my skin after the first use. I use the tar soap on my face and it’s helped improve the overall texture and quality of my skin.


Great way to figure out which soap is for you. I didn’t try all of the samples just the spinach soap based on what kind of skin it works on and let me just say how great this soap is for dry skin/eczema sufferers. On top of that it smells amazing and so fresh! Lathers great.

Luxury soap trio set

I enjoyed the trio set because I was able to get a prolonged review of how each soap worked. The Pine tar soap is my favorite but I also love pinching a little from each soap and combining them all to bathe. I have been a customer for over 6 month’s now and I have always received my items in a timely manner. I also appreciate that the items are packaged nicely!


I have already started to see improvements in my skin! My favorite is the Pine Tar soap.

Loving my results 🥰

I wash my face with the spinach soap every morning and I wash my face with the pine tar soap every night and I moisturize with the scar butter. My skin gets really bad in the summer time because I work outside in the heat constantly and I’m delivering dirty mail and packages. Thank for creating a natural product that works for our skin, I’m in love. I purchase thee oatmeal soap and the salve for my daughter she has very sensitive skin everything she used has burn her skin I’ll upload her results with her story in a week or so.

A Believer

I’ve been following your insta page for sometime, so glad I finally made a purchase! My skin has been liking the turmeric soap thus far; cleans my face really well.

Must have!!!!

Notice improvement in skin within a week. The spinach soap leaves your skin feeling fresh and smooth.



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Donata Skinfood Reviews

Let customers speak for us

1863 reviews

Definitely will order again. Great product to have my face is definitely clearing up

Great service! Nice packaging even received a free sample of another product that is on the website.

It works!

Since I began using your spinach soap/oatmeal healing salve combo earlier this month, I have felt such RELIEF!
The itching and flare ups on my skin have stopped. This was a new condition that just came about in this last year after delivering my last child and nothing (before this) worked.

Thank you thank you thank you! I’m now subscribed and will keep this going.

love it!!

love it!!


The pine tar soap literally get the dead skin off of my face and the spinach soap is so soothing to the areas where my eczema flared up.