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Donata graduated with a BA in Psychology in 2011 at Florida International University. Obtained her license as an Esthetician in 2014 a year after starting Donata Skinfood. She was a skincare instructor and taught students that are now Estheticians themselves and one who makes her own natural products.

Donata's passion is to look at the WHOLEness of one's life verses just the symptoms that her clients and customers experience. That passion lead her to study with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN). IIN focuses on not only what is on the plate but even more importantly what is off the plate called Primary foods. Primary foods focuses on exercise, spirituality, career and relationships, all of which when out of balance will eventually affect the skin and hair. From 2011 till now Donata never realized that her educational journey was allowing her to get certified and experienced in the 4 areas she loves most Mind • Body • Skin and Hair.

Mind 👉🏽Psychology                        Body 👉🏽 IIN 

Skin 👉🏽 Esthetician                         Hair 👉🏽 Student of Botanica Formula

Skinfood and/or Hairfood Consultations 

As a skin therapist I don't just recommend products without getting to know the concern you have. I want to be sure that what is recommended is the best option for you. Everyone's environment, lifestyle, diet and concerns are different. During your 15 minute consultation I dig deep on what is going on with your skin and hair. I go outside of the norm as skin and hair starts on the inside. I help you to figure out the trigger of your skin and hair concerns so that you can work on the trigger while using the best products at the same time. Eczema, Acne, hair loss... tried all kinds of products and still can't find the relief. We definitely need to chat and get to the root of your hair and skin concerns. We will contact you to coordinate a date and time. 

GLOW Up Consultation 

The beginning to your mind, body, skin and hair journey. This is the time you get to talk to me about anything that is going on in your life and I help you to see how it affects your skin and hair. I give you suggestions on what you can do to start working on the concern you have. Of course there is nothing that reflects on the outside that doesn't start on the inside. So internal work will be addressed also. Whether it's through a few changes in diet or tips on decreasing stress. We will pin point it and start working on it together.  During our 1 hour consultation the mind, body, skin and hair are topics we will cover. For the GLOW Up consultation there is a form I will need you to complete before your appointment. Please download it, complete and email it back.  We will contact you to coordinate a date and time. 

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