Jade Roller... Anti-aging Tool
Jade Roller... Anti-aging Tool
Jade Roller... Anti-aging Tool
Jade Roller... Anti-aging Tool

Jade Roller... Anti-aging Tool

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Under Eye Circles | Lines | Wrinkles | Dry Skin | Crow's Feet | Puffy eyes | Tighten skin

This tool is used as a lymphatic massage for the face and to aid with anti-aging. It helps to rejuvenate your skin and helps with the blood circulation of the face. In also aids in penetrating your serum, butter, or cream deeper into your pores when used after washing and moisturizing your face.

One Size | Facial Serums not included

Step 1: Cleanse desired area with one of our Skinfood Soaps

Step 2: Pat dry your skin, leaving it slightly damp

Step 3: Apply a thin layer of Ageless GLOW or Day GLOW Serum to entire impacted area or face with the Jade Roller

Step 4: In an upward motion for your face and neck, roll the Jade Roller on your face. Going upwards helps keep your facial from drooping downward if used going down. We want everything on your face to stay in place. Same as you tone your body with bodyweight or weights is the same concept of using the Jade Roller on your face.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Lakesha Charles (San Antonio, US)

This is my first time using a jade roller and i can’t live without it. I love how cool it feels on my face!

J. Graham (East Orange, US)
Love my Jade roller

Love my new Jade roller! Very relaxing!

N. (Brooklyn, US)
Relaxing process; sturdy tool

Using this roller is more relaxing than I’d expected. It’s cool, solid surface is so soothing on my face, especially on my frown crease which this world won’t let me relax. It’s added a moment of reflection and ease to my day, which I hadn’t planned for. Love it!

Sha'ava Pacheco (The Bronx, US)
My fave

My favorite product it makes my skin feel relaxed

La Shondra Brown (Chicago, US)
Love my roller

I got one for a friend as well. Thanks, Donata! :)

Lee R. (Sacramento, US)
Love It!!!

Love The Way This Powerful Tool Feels Rolling On My face!

Shunte Thornton (Wylie, US)
Quickly replaced my rose quartz roller

I used it once and knew I’d be retiring my rose quartz roller 🙌🏿 It’s extremely well made, has some weight to it and works well to help my skin absorb all my skinfood.

Pop it in the freezer for awhile before using it and thank me later 😉

Grace O'Leary (Lake Forest, US)

I bought this for my mother as a gift and she absolutely loves it!

Brianne Scott (Philadelphia, US)
Great product

I always wanted to try one of these. I used it when I put on my facial oils at night time, I keep in on the ledge of my window so its cold to use.

Sherrita Perry (Hartford, US)

So glad I got this before it sold out. It is sturdy and durable. I absolutely love the cool feeling of it on my skin



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Only used half the bag and made 3 jars, it was super easy to make and does not have a smell. Highly recommend!