Spinach Soap
Spinach Soap
Spinach Soap
Spinach Soap
Spinach Soap
Spinach Soap
Spinach Soap

Spinach Soap

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Eczema Best Seller

Hyperpigmentation | Discoloration | Dark Spots | Acne Marks | Eczema | Psoriasis | Craving a radiant glow?

Use the Spinach Soap night or day for sensitive and dry skin types. This soap has an extra creaminess to it and adds moisture to the skin.

Pre-cut Single Soap: A mix of various single use sized soaps equalling 2oz; each piece will last for one wash. This is perfect for on the go Skinfood users. The number of facial bars you receive will vary

Pre-cut Facial Soap: A mix of various facial sized soaps equalling 4oz; each piece will last for approximately one week. The number of facial bars you receive will vary

Pre- Cut Soap: A mix of various body sized soaps equalling 4oz; this will typically come with 4-5 mini bars equaling 4oz. The number of mini bars you receive will vary

4.5 Oz: Single 4.5oz Bar of Soap

5.0 Oz: Single 5.0oz Bar of Soap

Step 1: Wash your face or impacted using Spinach Soap
Step 2: Pat dry your skin, leaving it slightly damp
Step 3: Apply a thin layer of one of our Butters to the entire impacted area

How to store: Keep at room temperature and store soap on the Wooden Soap Dish to help ensure your soap lasts and is clear of bacteria.

Use our product regimen exclusively for at least four weeks to see how your skin responds before introducing new products

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Organic Shea Butter, Spinach, Bentonite Clay, Kelp, Organic Haitian Moringa Oil, Essential Oil Blends

Please allow 7-10 days for your order to process before it ships.

Made with lots of love xoxo - Donata Feed your skin!
Shipping & Return Policy

Because my ingredients are exclusively found in nature, your Skinfood hue may slightly vary.

No matter what hue your Skinfood is, you are getting the highest quality product.

Contact me to help you pick the right products for YOUR skin type.

Just as people's diets are customized for their particular needs and health goals, I customize a regimen to feed your skin. :)

Wait for the desired effects to show, healing takes time.
Allow at least four weeks to see how your skin responds before introducing new products.

Shelf Life: 9-12 Months
Dry and cool place

Donata’s journey is just as much internal as it is external, what you put in your body is just as important as what you put on it.

Healthy, glowing skin happens from the inside out.

Customer Reviews

Based on 183 reviews
Jeunveye St.Leger (Chesapeake, US)
I really really love ❤️

I love this stuff i went a few days without having her products (left them at my other home) and tried to use a gentle sensitive dove baby lotion for a short three days and my face dried out and got flaky and immediately went to start using her oatmeal slave and vegan body butter as well as spinach soap. I love this stuff nothing happens over night when take a step back and damage your skin but i already see my skin clearing up again and less flakes.

Chelsie Gibson (Chicago, US)
Long lasting

I loved how I could cut little pieces as needed and it went a long way. It had my face glowing after one use! Will buy again

Sarah Wootan (Shelley, US)
SO clean

This is the most clean my face has ever felt, and I’ve used a LOT of different products in the past 30 years. This is a very high quality product!

Grace Robins (Camarillo, US)
Cannot live without

I have very dry skin and the spinach soap is the only thing my skin does not react to. Always leaves my face, body and hands super hydrated. I have been using this soap for over a year and the effects continue to stay. Would 100% recommend to anyone with dry skin.

Jessica Outterbridge (Philadelphia, US)
An absolute skin staple!

I have tried so many soaps and none of them have worked. Since I have started using spinach soap, my skin has changed dramatically. I love that my skin doesn’t feel stripped after using it. The best of the best of the best!! If you have dry/sensitive skin,spinach soap is it!

Regina Farrar (Wellington, US)
Spinach Soap Amazing

I always have to get the spinach soap it has done wonders for my psoriasis skin! It took a long time to find a product that works for my face, and I have to keep it on deck.

Kiffany Dugger (Houston, US)
After 30+ years I've finally found my fit!

I decided to put my chemical based face cleanser to the side and try the spinach soap for a few weeks. Last night, mid-turnover I rubbed my hand across my face. I was like, "damn girl your skin is smooth". My skin has not not felt this good in years. My skin is extremely sensitive, but the spinach soap have proven to be mild and effective. The sample of the face serum was awesome! I also love the scar butter. So far everything I've tried from Donata is great. My sensitive skin loves her products.

Auset (Southfield, US)
Spinach Soap

Soap is amazing. I had eczema all my life and purchased the spinach soap and my skin is clearing up. I wash my face twice a day with it. Love the smell and how it makes my skin feel clean but doesn't dry it out. Definitely purchase it and try it for yourself.

Pat LJ (Marietta, US)
My Fave!

I looove this soap! It keeps my skin hydrated and feels so smooth after.

Cionne' Smith (Slidell, US)
The Best Soap In The World👏🏽

I absolutely love it!



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Donata Skinfood Reviews

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2396 reviews
Scar Butter
Kourtni Tatum (Ypsilanti, US)

My scars are already starting to fade! I love this product. Plus it adds a nice shine to my face and I love that!

Magnesium Oil
Kalunda Hilton

Anywhere there is pain, this helps a lot

Herbal Body Oils
C.C. (Opa-locka, US)
Soooo Good!

The lemongrass body oil is AMAZING! It smells so good. It's not heavy at all and it does moisturize my skin. I put it on once I get out of the shower and man let me tell you, I feel great. This is best lemongrass oil I've ever used.

Love it!!

I was put on to the website by a friend. She suggested I do the sample mixture order where I got different soaps and the scar butter. My skin scars easily so I wanted to get rid of some spots. When I say this scar butter is a gem!!! I started with once a day to see how it would do on my skin. Then eventually moved to twice a day. Omg I love it!

Scar Butter
Kemi S (Durham, US)
Great product! Mask Allergy/Breakouts

Since having to wear masks all the time my skin began having allergic reactions & breakouts especially on my nose & chin area. I started using the scar butter & stayed patient with the progress. I am so happy I found this product.