Pine Tar Soap
Pine Tar Soap

Pine Tar Soap

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Hyperpigmentation  | Discoloration |  Dark Spots | Acne Marks  | Eczema | Psoriasis |   Poison Ivy | Bug Bites | Poison Ivy  | Oak | Sumac | Dandruff | Men’s Dry Hair  | Craving a radiant glow? 

Use the Pine Tar Soap exclusively at night to remove impurities of the day. A must have product for every Skinfoodie. 

N E W   C U S TO M E R 
If this is your first time looking into our Pine Tar Soap, start with the Scar Butter & Pine Tar Set (includes a trail size Pine Tar Soap and Scar Butter). This will allow you to test both products  before moving on to a bigger size. If you have a small area to work on like your face, the trial size will give you up to a week of use depending on if you are using it as advised. If you have a larger area to work on, select a small area and use the products on that same area everyday until the soap is done. 

Please take before and after pictures to truly see the changes. If this product is too harsh for your skin try the Spinach Soap for best results

     Sets & KitsScar Butter & Pine Tar Set 

     Alternative: Spinach Soap

H O W   T O   U S E 

Step 1: Wash your face or impacted areas at night/after a workout using Pine Tar Soap

Step 2: Pat dry your skin, leaving it slightly damp 
Step 3: Apply a thin layer of Scar Butter to entire impacted area 
Step 4: Wash your face or impacted area with only water in the morning

How to store: Keep at room temperature and store soap on the Wooden Soap Dish to help ensure your soap lasts and is clear of bacteria

     Skinfood Accessory: Wooden Soap Dish 

Use our product regimen exclusively for at least four weeks to see how your skin responds before introducing new products

K E Y   I N G R E D I E N T S 
Organic Shea Butter, Organic Haitian Moringa Oil, Pine Tar, Oatmeal, Flaxseeds, Essential Oil Blend. 

 Contact me to help you pick the right products for YOUR skin type. Just as peoples diet is customized for their particular needs and health goals, I customize a regimen to feed your skin. :)
Wait for the desired effects to show, healing takes time. 
Allow at least four weeks to see how your skin responds before introducing new products
Donata’s journey is just as much internal as it is external, what you put in your body is just as important as what you put on it. Healthy, glowing skin happens from the inside out.


Made with lots of love xoxo - Donata

Feed your skin!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
My favorite :)))

This soap is definitely my holy grail. It keeps my skin clear and I recommend it to everyone struggling with hyperpigmentation or acne. I literally beg my family and friends to try it and tell me how they like it. And it lasts much longer if you cut it up into at least 6 cubes. Never buying soap or face wash from anywhere else again :,)

Skin glow magic !!!! 💫

I’ve been using the pine tar , scar butter combo for about 2 weeks now and i LOOOOVE it ! The soap leaves my skin so soft and smooth & I noticed my skin changing within a few days ! Than right after I apply the scar butter which just melts in your skin ! I’m never using anything else but her products again 💙

Holy Grail!!!

If you are looking for clearer skin due to acne, hyperpigmentation, eczema or other skin issues look no further and purchase this now. I’ve noticed the more consistent you’re the better the results will turn out.


I think this is the product I was always looking for

Scalp relief

This soap haas helped my scalp so much. It doesn’t feel stripped and gets it super clean. Putting in another order now.

My New Holy Grail!!!

I have been using the same “high end” liquid soap for years. I was so afraid to switch because I have sensitive skin which usually doesn’t take well to changing products. Well my mom told me she loved the pine tar soap for her face. We have very similar skin issues so I was intrigued. So one day I tried the pine tar soap (which I purchased for my body) on my face and I am never ever turning back! My skin looks the best it ever has!!!! Glowy , moisturized, and clear. This is my new holy grail!


I’m so happy I came across this line of products. This soap is amazing and it has done WONDERS for my skin. I’ve taken before and after photos and you can definitely see the difference. I’ve ordered a few months ago and I still have a few pieces left after cutting the bar into pieces! I missed the Black Friday sale but I will definitely order more soon before I run out !

Cured my acne and boosted my self esteem

I’ve been using this soap off and on for a few years and it is AMAZING!!!! The past 5 months I’ve been very consistent with it and my acne is basically gone! Everyone around me compliments my skin. They’ve seen my struggle for about 2 years. My skin clearing up has boosted my self esteem back up to where is needs to be. Acne really had me in a bad place emotionally but that over now!

Helps my rosacea!

I only got a trial size of this soap and I’ve never seen my skin so clear before! My cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin have been red, splotchy, and acne prone for my whole life. Within a few days of using this soap I noticed clearer skin and way less redness! In combination with the oatmeal salve, my skin is looking amazing, and I haven’t even finished the bar yet! Even my friends have started noticing and complimenting my clear skin. Never looking anywhere else for my skincare!

WOOOOOOW AMAZING. So happy to hear you found a combination that works for you. EXCITED. Enjoy your skinfood.
Miracle soap!

Omg I bought the trial kit and immediately fell in love with the pine tar soap. I have patches of dry flaky skin on my scalp and stomach and honestly the soap got rid of the flake and actually gave my skin a chance to heal. I'm a fan for life now thank you 💖

Skye so happy you are loving your results from the Pine Tar Soap. That is my favorite soap. Enjoy your skinfood :)


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Worth every penny

I can’t stress enough how gentle this is on the skin. I use this as my daily moisturizer and when I tell you a little really goes a long way it surely does. This product has made my skin softer all the while not causing my acne to flare up. I even keep a little jar in my purse in case I need to moisturize it’s really been a life saver

Absolute bliss

I have sensitive oily combination skin. I’ve had such a hard time finding products that don’t agitate my skin, flare up my acne, and be an honest natural product. My best friend introduced me to these soaps and I can honestly say I found my skin care products for life. The spinach soap cleans my face without over drying my skin and the best part is it helps my acne. I couldn’t be happier 😊

Seeing results 😍

I brought this for my mom a few months ago and IT ACTUALLY WORKS. Her hair was thinning around the middle/top of her head and it’s really grown in a lot. I brought some for myself finally and i can’t wait to try it!

Perfect Christmas Present!

Just ordered 4 of these! About to get my family hooked on Donata! I've been following Donata on Instagram for a while now since she blew up on twitter and I've been dying to try her products. I love how the glow box lets you try all the soaps, hair products, body products, and the scar butter and glow serum so you can really try all the products and see what works best for your skin. My family is about to Glow UP!


i’ve been using the spinach soap for about 3 months now and it has completely changed my skin for the better . i don’t have as much breakouts like i normally do . i received my turmeric this week and two night after using it , the inflammation on my forehead disappeared completely ! i love her products , including the scar butter ! especially for my skin to be so sensitive to everything, i am most definitely amazed . sensitive and oily !