100% Organic Irish Sea Moss • Superfood Sun-Dried
100% Organic Irish Sea Moss • Superfood Sun-Dried
100% Organic Irish Sea Moss • Superfood Sun-Dried

100% Organic Irish Sea Moss • Superfood Sun-Dried

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Irish Sea Moss is amazing for your mind, body, hair, and skin. Let's think prevention versus intervention. Don't wait till something is wrong with you to infuse your body with minerals, nutrients, and vitamins.

Did you know that the body is made up of 102 minerals, 92 of which are also found in sea moss? You will be getting 8oz of our premium, highest quality Irish Sea Moss which when made into a gel can yield up to 5 lbs. The Sea Moss is gently grown in the unpolluted, warm Atlantic waters of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. Lucky for us we get it directly from the source shipped to the US. Our Sea Moss is nourished by the ocean. It's never bleached with chemicals and no fertilizers are used ever.


*Iodine and magnesium for thyroid function

*Collagen for skin, joints & connective tissues

*Helps muscles recover after an intense workout

*Reduces mucus, inflammation

*Balances hormones, increases libido

Use Irish Sea Moss gel in your food or as a hair or skin mask. It helps to tighten the skin and minimize pores while adding minerals.

Use the gel as a thickener in smoothies, soups, porridge, salad dressings, stews, and more.

Instructions on how to make the Sea Moss gel will be included in your order.

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Contains 92 of 102 minerals found in the human body
Anticoagulant and may present complications if on blood thinners
Contains Taurine
Can have a laxative effect
Rich in Polysaccharides
Helps build stronger blood cells
Fights Varicose Vein
Strengthens connective tissue
Source of Iodine
Fights Tuberculosis
Improves digestion
May be effective for fighting prostate enlargement

Cleaning your Sea Moss

Making Sea Moss Gel

Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Amazing products!

I bought the 32oz bag and you can make sssoooo many jars of gel base sea moss. I mix it with applesauce for a daily morning snack and I love it. Would definitely recommend this!

Great Service, Quick Shipping, and Excellent Irish Sea Moss!

After being disappointed multiple times from different vendors, this is hands down the best sea moss I have purchased! I am a loyal customer. I only wish I could purchase in a larger amount or have a auto ship option. The absolute best!

Awesome seamoss

I love the seamoss and the amazing benefits it has. I learned of Donata through reviewing seamoss. I’ve been raving of it to my family and since then they’ve gotten theirs. You won’t be disappointed if you order from Donata company.


The best sea moss that I have had....period!!!!

6/5 stars

If I could give more stars I would. I have gotten donata sea moss a couple times now and it is the best quality. It is a little intimidating considering there are so many sea mosses out there but this is very legitimate. They also have thrown in a sample of some really nice body oil each time which they didn’t have to and to me as a company that shows me the extra thought and care they put into their customers.

Glad i found a good place to get seamoss

Everything from the products to quality to shipping ,they really do a good job, way to give 110%
2nd time i got an 8oz bag and i love it ,Keep it up and Thanks Again

Great sea moss & service

Bag ( 8oz ) made so much sea moss and service was faster than most. Will be ordering again and recommending to others.

Love it!

The Sea Moss has really helped with my joint pain!


Great service! Nice packaging even received a free sample of another product that is on the website.

Love this stuff!!

Receiving this 8oz bag of sun-dried Sea Moss, I must admit, I was just a little intimidated. It took me a day to work up the nerve to wash it, soak it and create the gel that would eventually make me feel great! The process is actually so easy. I was able to make 1/3 of the bag I received. That amount of gel lasts me about two months. So basically I can make about six months worth with the bag I purchased. I've purchased this stuff in the "fresh" form where it had to be delivered on ice and it was okay, but also something I worried about on delivery day (where am I going to be when it's delivered, is it hot in the USPS Parcel locker?) and I was only able to receive a small amount of because it doesn't last as long in the refrigerator. Describing sea moss benefits is difficult, but basically I feel like I'm nourishing my hair and skin from the inside out. When I use it consistently, my weight seems to be consistent or on a downward projection whether I'm consistent with keto or not. In short, I LOVE this stuff!! Thanks Donata!!!



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Donata Skinfood Reviews

Let customers speak for us

2013 reviews

A friend told me about Donatas Skinfood after I had been complaining about the effects PCOS has been putting on my skin. Hormonal acne is pain and everything I'd used in the past stopped working. I must say this soap smells really good it isn't drying out my face and all of my sebum has decreased DRAMATICALLY. Again a little goes a long way! I have started to use it on other problems areas on my body and I've never felt so clean love it!!

falling in love

I love this stuff a little goes a long way I made sure to purchase the sample in case I was not impressed. But the longevity of the little amount I have and the improvement it is already offering my skin has me in AWE. Will be a customer for life love this!


The serum itself is absolutely amazing!!!! LIghtweight, really seals in the moisture the scar butter provides. and of course, I look amazing especially when the light hits my skin. However, the packaging is flawed and definitely requires improvement. The top leaks once opened it is a pain having to make sure it is kept at a certain position or the little product you do have will leak out.

Best thing I’ve ever come across

I’m so so fortunate that I came across this company from Instagram. This is my 20 day update & i suffered from some really bad acne scarring. In less than a month my spots have faded DRASTICALLY. I’m excited to see what it will look like in months to come.

Amazing products!

I bought the 32oz bag and you can make sssoooo many jars of gel base sea moss. I mix it with applesauce for a daily morning snack and I love it. Would definitely recommend this!